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New IELTS dates

New IELTS dates for sessions in Valladolid. IH Valladolid is happy to announce dates for the IELTS exam in 2019. There will be an exam session on March 2, June 22 and December 14. If you want to tak the exam in March registration is open now. https://ielts.britishcouncil.org/v-b58020a6-b935-41cf-ae3e-aa0b60960c7e

New Session in June

We are pleased to announce that there will be a session of IELTS taking place in Valladolid on Saturday June 30th. So don’t worry if you missed the March or February sessions as inscription is now open for June. If you are interested in being prepared by a worldwide organisation of IELTS experts for the […]

How to prepare for an IELTS exam

How to prepare for an IELTS exam At IH Valladolid we have teachers with many years of experience of teaching IELTS. Our teachers have prepared students from all over the world for this exam and we have had fantastic success in getting people ready for the exam. We would therefore like to share some ideas […]

Free general English listening practice

Great websites for practicing listening skills: Students often ask the question: ‘How can I practise listening outside class?’ There are so many resources available for English learners on the internet. Here are three useful websites you can try. British Council Learn English – this has some great audio and video listening lessons that each take […]

Top tips for listening (general English)

Top Tips for Practising Listening Skills Practice little and often Try to listen to something short in English three times a week – maybe a short video clip on YouTube or a news website. Even a text of 3-4 minutes is better than nothing. Keep a listening diary Make a note of new words you […]

First IELTS session in Valladolid

We are delighted to announce that on Saturday we held the first ever session of IELTS in the Valladolid area! We are also pleased to announce that the session was fully booked. We want to offer our congratulations to all of the candidates, both the candidates who prepared with us and those who prepared elsewhere, […]

Speaking test practice

Want to practice speaking for the IELTS exam? Have a look at this video and practice then you can have a look at some model answers and see if there is anything you could include next time you answer a question like this.